Screen resolutions in Sketch

Web design app Sketch provides a number of pre-defined artboard sizes, so that designers can start work on screen-specific layouts. Unfortunately, the standard sizes for larger screens are provided in 4:3 format, instead of the ubiquitous 16:9 which modern screens use. This can sometimes lead to problems when planning content modules which are to appear within the initial screen view.

It makes sense to define your own artboard sizes to get around this issue. According to statistics from Statcounter, the most common screen sizes in Switzerland between November 2015 and November 2016 were as follows. (Don’t forget that browser windows contain scroll bars and tool bars, so a page won’t be able to use 100% of the pixel sizes listed here.)

  • Full size (“desktop”): 1920px × 1080px
  • Large (“laptop”): 1366px × 768px
  • Medium (“tablet”): 768px × 1024px
  • Small: smaller than “medium”
Screen sizes in Switzerland, November 2015 to November 2016

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