The (Not So) Secret Powers Of The Mobile Browser

I have a 16Gb iPhone, with comparatively few apps installed. 70% of these 16Gb are filled with data for these apps, although only 6% are music stored for offline listening, and only 2% are photos. From the apps, the main offender is Facebook, which currently needs 571.6Mb to tell me what’s…

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Using WordPress template parts for my new WordPress theme

The new WordPress theme running this website has been improved by the use of WordPress' get_template_part function.

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The bottomless pit of Swiss health insurance

I’ve been living in Switzerland since early 2001: coming up on sixteen years. Since arriving, I’ve been forced to contribute to the health system by paying monthly premiums to the tune of around Fr. 300 per month. This reflects the bare minimum–the obligatorische Krankenpflegeversicherung–which is a legal requirement. Just like car…

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Niederhorn, Switzerland

Heaven is this

Sitting, cross-legged, a couple of arms’ length from the edge of a two-and-a-half-thousand foot drop to the valley floor, watching clouds drift across the lake into the distance.

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File structure for Zurb Foundation in TYPO3

A quick question for TYPO3 and front-end developers among you. If you’re using a framework like Foundation or Bootstrap in TYPO3, a) How do you install the framework? Via CLI? b) Where do you install the framework? To the Resources folder? To a subfolder? Thanks for any feedback, here…

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Screen resolutions in Sketch

Defining custom artboards in Sketch to better reflect modern screen resolutions.

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Cudrefin, Switzerland

Review of 2016

My year in pictures for 2016.

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The minimum viable product

A stripped-back, simple WordPress theme for my personal website, which I can begin extending as and when I have the time.

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Land's End, Cornwall

Land’s End

Our holiday to the south of England this summer took us to the most south-westerly point of the British mainland.

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Street typography

Street typography

There's something very satisfying about watching a couple of guys painting road markings.

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