The President’s photographer

I’ve been one of nearly 520,000 Instagram followers of presidential photographer Pete Souza for a long time. I adore his photographs, and have a great respect for his work, his drive, and his creativity whilst shadowing Barack Obama for the past eight years. The video in this article is a four-part National Geographic documentary, following Pete and seeing behind the scenes of his behind-the-scenes photographs.

Pete Souza is never far behind President Obama. In fact, sometimes he’s ahead of him. As the President’s chief White House photographer, Souza is the President’s shadow. Now, National Geographic will follow Souza inside the Obama White House — aboard Air Force One, backstage at the State of the Union, and into the heart of the West Wing. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the everyday grit of the American presidency and a chance to see what it’s like to cover the most powerful man in the world, for posterity.


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