Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall

Trebarwith Strand

We recently spent a lovely couple of weeks on holiday, touring the south of England and spending a full week in Cornwall. On arrival at the self-catering cottage we’d booked, we chose to make things easy for ourselves and head to the Port William Inn for a pub dinner in one of the few buildings at the seaward end of a valley leading to Trebarwith Strand. The sunset did its best to welcome us to the region – one to which I’d never been – and we photographed the big skies and crashing waves on both our first and second evenings there. When walking along the coast path at Tintagel, we also got to see a view looking south along the cliffs, when the tide was a little lower and the “Strand” – or beach – was still partially visible.

Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall



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  1. Beautiful photos. I waked along that cliff as well and I remember it as quite magical, especially because I wasn’t expecting any people coming from Tintagel in the rain and all of a sudden I was in the middle of all these crazy British people (sorry ;-) who were swimming in the sea while I was really rather cold…

    • Thanks Corinne. We Brits have to enjoy our seaside, even when the weather isn’t quite as summery as people from other, more temperate countries, would expect!

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