Tintagel, Cornwall

I was a little disappointed that the “castle” at Tintagel was little more than a few bits of wall at the coast. (I suppose I have been spoiled by the castle ruins at Dunnottar and Tantallon.) Our walk along the coast path, doing battle with the wind, was lovely anyway, with foxgloves (a memory from childhood holidays in Pembrokeshire) and very intricate dry stone walls.

Jo at Tintagel
The coast at Tintagel
Cool dry-stone walls at Tintagel
Foxgloves at Tintagel

One response to “Tintagel Not-Castle”

  1. Corinne avatar

    Looks just as wild as it was when I was there. I really liked the cemetery but I can’t remember the castle at all. I think I tried to find shelter from the cold temperatures and the rain inside the church and once it cleared up, I had a look around the old stones.

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