Some website designs from my archive

I’ve long wanted to go through a box of old DVDs and CDs from my cupboard, to copy over photos and old project files to an external hard-drive. Mainly to get rid of the discs, but also to add the files to my backup system so that I don’t end up losing access to them.

Some of the files I’ve come across have made me smile: old Photoshop files containing my designs for websites dating back to the mid 2000s. When web design was part of my daily routine. I don’t get to do much design work these days, unfortunately, as my daily focus has to be on more technical aspects of web development.

I still quite like some aspects of my ideas, many of which were produced and were successful in the days when there were no smartphones or iPads. I stand behind the designs and I’m pretty convinced that a few of them have stood the test of time and could even be re-worked for use today, as distinct from the endless dirge of Bootstrap-based repetition.

My favourite is the one for Swiss Helicopter Group (formerly BOHAG), which I made in 2008. That was my favourite project of the time by far – an extensive multimedia site including beautiful, high-resolution aerial alpine photography and videos.

I knew the CEO of the company back then, but I missed my chance to do some photography for them. My favourite web projects have always been rich media experiences, and I’d love to get the chance to do more of them.

Web design for Erdgas

Web design Hasli Lodge, Meiringen

Web design for Blumen Aebi

Web design Swiss Youth Fire Brigade

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