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Customizing Twenty Sixteen

I wrote a few days ago that I’ve switched to the Twenty Sixteen theme for my blog. It’s been largely pain-free, although switching made WordPress automatically resize every one of my images at “medium” resolution from 720px to 600px.

Not only did this take a very long time, but the media entries in the backend are now sorted not by upload date, but by their last modification date. Which was the day on which I switched themes. That’s a pain in the butt and it’s made locating some files without any titles or captions a bit tricky. Around 300 posts containing hard-coded img tags are still linked to the old resolutions, so their images are missing.

I’ve done customization using a Child Theme: the recommended way to go about changing code on a theme so that updating the original doesn’t delete the changes. I’ve customized the content and content-single template parts because some of my posts have featured videos instead of featured thumbnails. (This could potentially be solved later using post formats, although I’ve read that this feature may not be supported in the long term.)

I’ve also enqueued a JavaScript file which handles user interface stuff, which will be extended later. And I’ve also copied in some custom field definitions for the ACF plugin, which I need to maintain custom data on a lot of posts.

In terms of CSS, I’ve just made a few minor customizations so far. I’ve switched out the font to Calluna, which is linked from Typekit, and improved font sizing; I’ve removed the fat borders from the page; I’ve adjusted some margins for the iPad-sized version of the site; and I’ve added a light background colour to avatars, where people who’ve commented don’t have a profile photo.

That’s it for now. More tweaks to come when I get the time. (As always.)

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