Silver Efex Pro

The image editing tool Silver Efex Pro has long been a much-used and highly recommended solution for converting digital (or scanned colour) images to black and white. There are many detailed options for conversion, including specific settings for reproducing the effect of old black and white photographic films like those from Ilford or Agfa.

Google acquired the company in 2012 and has subsequently maintained the software, lowering its price from $500 to $150 on acquisition in order to “get [the tools] out to more and more people”. Google went a step further recently and the Nik Collection suite of tools, including Silver Efex Pro and other effects tools, became available for free on Friday.

The image above was created from the original version (below) using the 020 Fine Art (high key) and Agfa APX 400 film setting, with an additional Type 1 border, a manual tonal adjustment, and the addition of a subtle rectangular dark vignette.

Fish for sale, Cudrefin, Switzerland

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