Technical case study: CSS Flexbox for BEKB Flash

CSS Flexbox has been ready for mainstream use for a while now, and I've implemented it on a third client project for my employer.

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Comment subscriptions on Permanent Tourist

I’ve added a feature to the site which allows you to get an email when someone replies to a comment you’ve left on this site. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

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Life without JavaScript

Many web developers (and web project managers) are insistent that we shouldn’t be concerned with the availability of JavaScript in the browser. “Who turns off JavaScript these days?” is often the argument. The problem isn’t related to who turns off JavaScript, but what happens when a CDN copy of jQuery…

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Silver Efex Pro

The image editing tool Silver Efex Pro has long been a much-used and highly recommended solution for converting digital (or scanned colour) images to black and white. There are many detailed options for conversion, including specific settings for reproducing the effect of old black and white photographic films like those…

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Jesus is…

A current poster campaign by the Swiss Christian Action Committee is hanging across the country. Much of the poster is left empty, with the intention that it should be graffitied, in answer to the prompt “Jesus is…”. The accompanying website offers people the same opportunity to give their opinion on…

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Flickr settings fields plugin for WordPress

A technical goal for 2016 is to make more WordPress plugins, and to submit them to the official WordPress plugin repository, so that other users can benefit from them. The next addition to the set of plugins I’ve contributed is a simple one to add fields to the Settings » Media…

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Tracking click events using Google Analytics

A colleague from the WordPress Bern meetups asked for advice on how to track clicks on certain page elements on his website. Having looked into this for a few different purposes over the past year, it was quick and easy to knock up a simple jQuery plugin for the purpose, which…

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The headless CMS

The Next Big Thing* in the world of CMS-based web development is the headless CMS solution. A headless CMS is a more pure – and therefore technically more simple – content management system. A system in which the focus is 100% on managing content and providing a way to access it:…

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Sicherheit rund um WordPress

Notizen aus dem letzten Treffen der Berner WordPress-Gruppe. Das nächste Treffen (Thema WordPress Themes) findet morgen Donnerstag Abend statt. Sicherheit rund um WordPress – 24.02.2016…

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Augen zu und durch

It’s no shock to realize that I’ve been commuting to Bern by car for nearly six years. But what is a shock is that the period of changing from train travel to car travel coincides with the main rise of the smartphone. When I was commuting to Bern between 2008…

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Web developers: don’t depend on dependencies

Building a website or app based on third-party code and solutions may work… but what happens when that code breaks or becomes unavailable?

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Store your design assets in one place with Lingo

Store your design assets in one place with Lingo

The new Lingo app (from The Noun Project) allows you to collate and manage your design assets in one place.

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Bern’s Lorraine quarter

The Lorraine quarter in Bern, not far from my office, used to be the trendy area in which to live, meet, dine and hang out. These days, a lot of the trendies seem to have moved on, but the quarter is still a nice network of little streets in which…

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A fresh eye

This year’s aim: see new places and try new things. Close to home, this means going out from home and documenting the village where I live as much as possible. Despite living here for nearly five years, the only parts of Faulensee I’ve really photographed have been the views from above…

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EMs and REMs and CSS media queries

The key principles behind the complex relationship between pixel-based and relative sizing units in CSS for web design.

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Vertical rhythm in web typography

…doesn’t have anything to do with jumping up and down to music. Sadly. Typographic principles are just as valid in designing for the web as they are in designing for traditional media. Through the application of a very simple mathematical principle, a design becomes more peaceful and the visitor is calmed…

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There is no perfect dropdown

Andy Budd made a very important point during episode 93 of The Web Ahead podcast. In it, he's answering a question raised about where a less-experienced web designer can find resources to see what the current “best practices” are for site element design.

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Raetia Prima – high-resolution aerial film of Graubünden

Raetia Prima – high-resolution aerial film of Graubünden

If you have a large monitor, use the options in the embedded video player to go full-screen and to switch to 4K (2160p) resolution. By Kevin Walker, via TechBlog.

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Tourist influence being felt in Iceland

How tourist popularity has lead to access being closed to a popular site in Iceland.

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Optimizing layout changes with separate CSS files

HTTP/2 allows you to separate your CSS, JavaScript and other template resources into individual files, without running into problems with multiple requests.

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The early bird and all that

I was half an hour early for an appointment at the Spiez council offices this morning, so I went for a brief stroll through the woods to the top of the vineyards while I was waiting. It was so peaceful, with fresh powdered snow slipping silently from the trees and only two…

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Self-defeating tourism in Italy

The sad way in which the success of a local tourism industry is putting paid to the draw of a peaceful, beautiful region of northern Italy.

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Changeable Sunday

Views from home across the lake to the Niederhorn on a winter Sunday.

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The evil of Hans Landa

The evil of Hans Landa

Christoph Walz's masterpiece performance as a subtly menacing and monstrous S.S. officer in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, from 2009.

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