The wider angle

It feels as though I take a lot more long-exposure photographs in the winter. Perhaps it’s because I’m at work until after it gets dark during the week, and I relish the opportunity to stretch my legs and my creativity after programming all day.

This is the latest in a long line of long-exposure, moonlit shots – of the rocky lake shoreline at Spiez, which is currently exposed due to low winter water levels. I’m very happy with the shot because it’s the first one with two new acquisitions – an RR90 shutter release cable and a 10-24mm lens for my X-T1.

I’m really happy to have a super-wide-angle lens again – I’ve missed the wider angle of view for my landscape photographs, as the Sigma 10-20mm I used with my Nikon was my favourite former lens. The shutter release cable – costing a mere Fr. 30 – is a great addition to my bag, as it’s the only way to take exposures longer than 30 seconds using the Fuji. (While the Fuji iOS app is good, it doesn’t allow for truly long exposures.)

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