Löscher bar, Bern, Switzerland

The old fire station

A goal for 2016 is to avoid putting things off when there is no good reason to do so. I’ve driven past the fire station in Bern’s Viktoria quarter on the way to and from work for five years now. Last summer, the fire brigade moved out and the erstwhile garage was converted into a bar, replete with over-sized candles, benches made out of old shutters on the forecourt, and trendy strings of bare bulbs. Ever since the conversion, I’ve thought, “I must stop and photograph that” – today was the day.

The name of the new bar? “Löscher” (German for extinguisher, and also for a term for a thirst-quenching drink). According to Swiss newspaper Der Bund, permission has just been granted for the additional businesses of a coffee roasting company, an oil milling company, and a schnapps producer to add to the existing restaurant and bar. These are just a few of the new businesses to be making use of the former fire station.


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