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Re-booting for 2016

If I had a dollar for every time I’d written about resolutions and changes to the website… etc…

However, I’ve made a few resolutions with the coincidental arrival of the new year; some private, some not. One of the main resolutions which affects my online life takes the form of pulling my finger out to a) stop trying to turn my website into a overtly professional portfolio, b) get some kind of sense into the navigation, so that visitors can actually find stuff, c) get back to posting photos to my Flickr account, and d) using Instagram more for proper photos, instead of using it for crap that is only really destined for my Twitter account.

The reason for the change to how I use Instagram is that, of my nine most popular photos on the service from the past year, seven were taken with a proper camera and posted to Instagram after being properly prepared. That was an experiment, to see how well they were received. I’d read a few articles online towards the end of last year about using Instagram as a more “serious” portfolio. Based on these results, I think that it’s definitely a way forward.

My nine “best” Instagram photos from 2015

(Based on the number of “likes” each photo has received.)

#2015bestnine at Instagram

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