7 videos in 7 days


For those who may have missed out: one of those meme things went around on Facebook and I posted a favourite video per day over 7 days.

Stipe and co. in 1993, with reminiscences of So. Central Rain in their video for “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite”.
Eminem as superhero? MTV’d feel so lonely without him.
A favourite song from a million years ago, with Depeche Mode going all Canute on us.
Swiss Pop! (Bubbles and music by Choo Choo.)
Claude Lelouch chauffeurs us around Paris at high speed, to the sounds of Snow Patrol.
The day in 1991 when my second favourite band and my (then) favourite comedian made the leap from student popularity to mainstream television, appearing on Top of the Pops and topping the charts with this cover of a Tommy Roe song. Much drunken foot-stomping ensued.

…and, last but not least: Christopher Walken and Fatboy Slim in an empty, glitzy, Kubrick-esque hotel. What else could you ever dream for in a music video?

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