RAW-format panoramic images at Permanent Tourist

Part of the joy of photography for me is the ability to travel in time. Not like Marty and the Doc in my favourite ever films, which celebrated a big milestone a few days ago, but in the ability to look at a scene in large levels of detail as it was many years ago.

Since updating my copy of Lightroom, I have received the ability to digitally combine series of high-quality RAW-format images with much greater ease than ever before. I’ve been “stitching” images together digitally for many years, but since switching to the RAW file format in 2005, I’ve retained what many refer to as “digital negatives”: the original files as they were created in-camera. The new Lightroom function which stitches files together retains the original level of detail by retaining the RAW format, so I now have the full range of post-processing ability as I had in the original files.

This ability has lead me to go back ten years and start re-editing many shots which weren’t quite up to scratch: in particular, since I began posting shots online to a series entitled “Big Wide World”. They’re panoramic images in 3:1 proportion, which I’ve loved shooting since even before I used a digital camera.

Although I initially collaborated with my friend Habi on a dedicated website for our panoramic photographs, I’ve since decided to bring mine back here to my own website. Thanks to the flexibility of WordPress, which runs this site, I’ve been able to transfer the photos and their corresponding entries back here, and they’re all available and linked under the topic “Big Wide World”.

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