Big Wide World is coming home

I started a website project in May, featuring the panoramic photographs I’m taking for an ongoing personal project I call Big Wide World. I designed the website from scratch and added new technology – like a map view and a better photographic list view – which I’d wanted to develop for a while.

Unfortunately, time has proven that running this second website hasn’t drawn as many visitors as I’d hoped. Despite photographic content I’m pleased with, and the co-authorship with some great photos by my friend Habi, there just hasn’t been enough interest there to keep the second site going.

I’ve decided to migrate the posts and photographs into this website instead, where more visitors will see them and where I can integrate the panoramic images into my other photographic work. By making some small improvements to the layout of this site, the images – in 3:1 format – will be optimally displayed as large as possible.

This first image was taken during a hike at Oeschinensee, above Kandersteg in Switzerland.

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