Glarus Overthrust, Switzerland

There are magnificent landscapes in Switzerland, to be sure. But amongst the mountain peaks and valleys, there are still some exceptional sites. This one, known as the Glarus Overthrust, is a geological wonder on the borders of canton Glarus and Graubünden, above Flims. Reaching the plateau by cable car to the Cassonsgrat ridge, you’re treated to this panoramic view of a geographic fault in the range known as the Tschingelhörner.

In geological thrust systems, the top of the mountain range is older than the lower regions: the lower rock having thrusted its way beneath the older rock through tectonic movement. The boundary of the two rock masses is clearly visible from many miles away, as it is marked by a huge horizontal divide in the mountain range. We visited in 2009, a year or so after the region was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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