Spitzi Flue, Switzerland

Spitzi Flue is the very Swiss-German-sounding name of a huge promotory of rock on the “Sigriswilgrat” (or mountain ridge). Although the rock looks a bit small in this photo, it’s actually the tip of a rockface around 500 metres high. (Compare with this photo, in which a climber stands atop the pinnacle.)

I hiked up to Unterbergli from Wilerallmi on a grey day, and I was rewarded for the pretty steep ascent by an unexpected amount of sunshine when I got to the top.

Living in Switzerland – and specifically the alps – means that there is wonderful scenery all around you. But after an hour and a half walking up through the forest, the suddenness of seeing the view I’d gone to see actually made me gasp. I’ll be back again: next time, with a “proper” camera.

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