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Update September 2015: the website mentioned here  project has been retired – photos from the series will now be posted here at Permanent Tourist under the topic Big Wide World.

I’ve loved taking panoramic photos for years. I took the first set of photos to “stitch together” in the 1990s–of the Paris Opéra by night, with a film camera–and stuck around thirty 15×10 prints together with Sellotape. Fast forward to the early 2000s and a combination of my first digital cameras and learning how to use computer “stitching” software meant that I could finally do a better job of it.

My friend Habi has a similar passion for panoramic photography, so we have begun collaborating on a joint website to show our photos. Taking the name from a book I have been planning for absolutely ages, the Big Wide World website presents our images in 3:1 “wide-screen” format. We’ve pre-filled the site with a good selection of images from Switzerland and will continue to add new photos on an ongoing basis: soon, from other countries around the world. It’s taken a few months to get the design and programming finished and we’re proud of our efforts. In particular, the map view, which shows where our wandering has taken us.

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