I haven’t really been “into” photography for a while, so I haven’t put my new Fujifilm X-T1 through its paces properly. But I have fiddled with it, taken a few photos to see how it deals with certain situations, and begun trials with using the built-in JPG conversion and film simulation modes.

One of the great results of having switched to a camera with the fantastic Fujifilm sensor is the high ISO performance. Although I was expecting great things, I hadn’t quite anticipated just how well the sensor performs in the dark. The photo in this post is a simple JPG created from a RAW file, with nothing but basic sharpening applied. No noise reduction, no colour balancing. Straight out of the camera.

At ISO 6400.

And if you really want to get silly? Switch to a non-electronic shutter and accept that you’ll only be able to shoot JPGs, and even ISO 25,600 is usable. Mad.

Interior shot at ISO 25,600 using a Fujifilm X-T1
Unedited JPG from an X-T1 at ISO 25,600

Pixel-peepers can download the full-sized JPG of the moonlight shot here.

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