I get to the end of every year and flick through my online photo album at Flickr to gather the best photo from each month to put in a small collection here. As usual, when I do this, it gives me a temporary diversion from the hectic time before the holidays, when most of my work projects have been wrapped up and our plans for travelling or receiving guests are complete.

This year is no different and I am, once again, surprised and suddenly grateful once more for the blessing of having a wonderful companion at my side for the last ten years…

Jo and me on the summit of Great Gable

…and for the luck and fortuity which has given us a life in which we can look back at the end of each year on such wonderful experiences. This year has been filled with new and re-experienced places: from Paris to Italy; from the commotion of central London to the peace and emptiness of the Cumbrian mountains; from the glass and steel of The Shard to a two-thousand-year-old underground reservoir. From sitting in the car on a road trip to England, to leg-aching hikes across mountainsides and up a volcano.

Our ascent of Great Gable in October is probably the highlight of the year, although there have been so many other lovely experiences that it’s difficult to choose.

Here’s a small set of photos from our year in travel.

Paris, France
Wedding photography, Oerlikon, Switzerland
Hotel Posthuis, Melchsee Frutt, Switzerland
Tower Bridge to Canary Wharf, London
Maronti Beach, Ischia
Positano, Italy
Hunstanton, England
Steingletscher, Switzerland
Beatenberg, Switzerland

Jo and Herdwicks at Fleetwith

Creux-du-Van, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland