Rear Window Timelapse

Rear Window Timelapse

Compiled time-lapse sequence of the courtyard view from Hitchcock film “Rear Window”.

23rd August 2014 | Read more »

Hike to Steingletscher

A long-held ambition fulfilled: to hike to my favourite glacier near the Susten Pass in Switzerland.

18th August 2014 | Read more »

Swiss Train View

Swiss railway company Rhaetian Railways has teamed up with Google to provide a “Street View” version of its iconic line through south-eastern Switzerland.

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Cornwall Summer

Cornwall Summer

Beautiful time-lapse films from the south west of England by Italian photographer Mattia Bicchi.

12th August 2014 | Read more »

Taking to the water

A group of canoeists, kayakers and stand up paddle-boarders in a range of coloured boats on Lake Thun this morning.

8th August 2014 | Read more »

The road less travelled

A solitary hiker walks the remote, single-track high alpine road between the Oberaarsee lake and the Grimsel Pass road, in canton Bern.

3rd August 2014 | Read more »

Childhood holidays

With hindsight, one of the things which drew me to the home where we now live is how many little details of it are similar to where I spent childhood holidays. Not the mountains, but the sweep of a shore line, the little houses dotted across the hillside, the wild grasses waving in the breeze, the winding lanes, the odd wooden telegraph pole carrying electricity to a house half-hidden.

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I've been looking at the tooth-like promontory in the distance quite regularly, ever since we moved to Faulensee. It's a very distinct peak on the eastern side of the Schynige Platte and one which begs to be explored.

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The First of August

The First of August

1st August is Swiss National Day, chosen as the date on which Switzerland celebrates the anniversary of the first alliance between cantons in 1291.

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