Pricing concept for my photos at Picfair

I am continuing to add more and more photos to my Picfair account, whenever the opportunity arises. I have decided to offer what I think are my better, non-personal images on the service in a range of sizes, so that everyone who likes my photos gets an opportunity to buy at a price which suits their budget.

I am setting my prices according to the technical image quality (“resolution”) at which the image is available and the same Picfair license applies to all images. (If Picfair continues to develop their system and add album or gallery features, the images at each resolution will be gathered together at a later date.)

For photos taken with my iPhone, the lowest price of £5 (around Fr. 7.50) reflects the lower image size/quality. Although it’s an 8 megapixel camera, images aren’t usually suitable for use at any size larger than A5 or on the web. A (cropped) example is the main image in this blog post, of Reutigen in Switzerland.

For full size images taken with my Nikon D7000 or Fuji X100, the price is £25 (around Fr. 38.-). This reflects a much more detailed level of editing, and an image quality (based on a RAW source file) which can be used at much larger print sizes. An example is this shot of the Niesen from the weekend.

Niesen, Switzeröand

Finally, the highest resolution images are available at £35 (around Fr. 54.-). These are usually high-quality composite images, “stitched” together from several individual dSLR images, and are also edited to a professional standard. An example of a “stitched” image is this one, of the beach-side piazza in Positano.


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