My most popular photograph is for sale

This is the smaller of two lochs in Scotland named Garry, near the summit of the Drumochter Pass on the main “road to the highlands”: the A9. It’s one of the most remote sections of the drive between Perth and Inverness and due to the famous Scottish weather and the many hills and glens around, you can never tell what the weather is going to be like. Although this scene looks lovely, I’ve also been along this stretch of road in semi-whiteout blizzard conditions, when it’s somewhat less picturesque.

Jo knows the A9 well from when she used to live in Scotland and when we first travelled up past the loch, we stopped off in a northbound layby on the end of the dual carriageway at Dalnaspidal, from which this view and an unusual spot of sunshine breaking through the clouds were my rewards.

The picture graces the wall of the staircase up to our flat and is often commented on by visitors. It’s also proven to be the most popular photo I’ve ever shared in my Flickr account, with around 11,400 views to date, and is now available to order and license as a digital download from my Picfair account.


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