The hardest part of the fun fair

Creating long exposure photographs with movement and blur leads to great images. But if you want a pin-sharp photo, you'll need to be patient.

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Cloud storage is convenient but dangerous

Once again, a story in the media reminds us all that while cloud storage and shared servers and services are great when they work, placing your valuable data in the hands of a third party is dangerous. Not just when working on web projects, but also for your personal data.

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Pricing concept for my photos at Picfair

How I am setting my prices for photos on sale at image agency Picfair, from iPhone shots to high-resolution “stitched” images.

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The Swiss Pyramid

The triangular Niesen towers over the Lower Simmen Valley and the towns of Spiez and Faulensee, on the shores of Lake Thun in Switzerland. The glowing clouds behind the mountains in the distance aren’t illuminated by towns, but by lightning storms above (respectively) Lenk and Gruyères.

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My most popular photograph is for sale

The most popular photo I've posted to Flickr is of Loch Garry, off the A9 between Perth and Inverness.

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Farnborough Air Show

Farnborough Air Show

The Red Arrows perform at the 2014 Farnborough Air Show.

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Strolling the streets of Positano

One of the best parts of visiting Positano is a stroll through the roads and lanes from the upper town to the beach-side restaurants, stopping off in the shops and for ice-cream on the way.

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Water spout on the Amalfi Coast

An unexpected water spout on the boat journey between Ischia, Capri and Positano in Italy.

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Trümmelbach Falls

Visiting the dramatic waterfalls and cave system in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland.

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Picfair: one license to rule them all

Picfair is a comparatively new online image agency, which allows photographers to upload as many of their photos as they like, set their own price, and directly reap the majority of the fee.

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Not quitting Facebook

Deactivating my Facebook account for a week was a great experience. Although I've chosen to return, I will be using the social media site with much less regularity and a much more filtered stream.

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Saving time with a Time Machine

Setting up a new Mac to be just like your old one is easy with Apple's Time Machine software.

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The geographic location of a website

Most websites are housed in so-called server farms, where their physical location is only important in as far as their protection and reliability is concerned. It’s quite possible to have a web server in the shed at the bottom of your garden, but I wouldn’t recommend it. A reliable hosting…

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Happy birthday, Stinker

Today would've been my sister's fortieth birthday.

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Jaw-dropping aerial views of Switzerland

Jaw-dropping aerial views of Switzerland

A twenty minute film in association with Swiss Tourism, showing tremendous aerial views from around Switzerland.

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