An unwanted friendship

If you had a friend who cheated, abused your trust and did everything in order to profit himself, how would you react?

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The photographic ad with no Photoshop

The photographic ad with no Photoshop

British photographer "Miss Anelia" produced surreal and highly-detailed fashion images to advertise the new Nikon D810, without the use of Photoshop.

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F is for Festival

The latest in a alphabetic series on aspects of my life: this time, the letter F is inspired by this weekend's Glastonbury Festival.

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Aare You Safe?

Swimming in the river Aare is a regular summer pastime of the Bernese in Switzerland. But there are occasionally mishaps. The campaign “Aare You Safe?” is intended to remind the public of the dangers of swimming in the river: not with a wagging finger but with a “cheeky…

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Cimiterio delle Clarisse, Ischia

The gruesome crypt beneath the former monastery in the Aragonese Castle of Ischia Ponte.

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Parcours on the Altenbergsteg bridge in Bern

Parcours on the Altenbergsteg bridge in Bern

Être Fort (“Be Strong”) parcours athlete Simon Gfeller crosses the Altenbergsteg bridge in Bern the hard way: by hand, across the underside of the iron framework.

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Mind-bending planetary panoramas

Mind-bending planetary panoramas

Seen plenty of time lapses involving star trails and motion effects? You won't have seen anything like this sequence by photographer Vincent Brady.

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CMS: separating authorship from layout

My first job in Switzerland was for a newspaper publisher, where I remained for seven years whilst co-developing a newspaper and website publishing system. Building on the basic experience I was gaining whilst making little blogs using b2/cafelog – on which WordPress was built – this phase…

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Molo di San Vincenzo

The lighthouse on Molo di San Vincenzo (the main breakwater of the harbour) in Naples was built in 1950 but taken out of service just 29 years later, being superseded by an electric alternative on a lattice structure nearby. The statue in front of the tower is of San Gennaro (original name Januarius),…

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Capo Miseno

“At the top of the great stone lighthouse, hidden beyond the ridge of the southern headland, the slaves were dousing the fires to greet the dawn. It was supposed to be a sacred place. According to Virgil, this was the spot where Misenus, the herald of the Trojans, slain by…

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