Entries from May 2014

One New Change

When scouting destinations and views prior to my recent trip to London, I came across an potentially interesting-looking rooftop amongst some shots which photographer Ben Roberts, who I follow on Instagram, had shared on social media platforms. A quick question to find out where it is (and a nice friendly answer!) led me to the comparatively new… (Read More)

Video preview image for What the Swiss keep in their barns and cellars

What the Swiss keep in their barns and cellars

A short film by Rick Steves about the unexpected artillery behind closed barn doors, and the overly-secure cellar bomb shelters beneath almost every Swiss home. The main installation featured is the Artilleriewerk Faulensee at the end of our road.

E is for Efficiency

The simplest solution is rarely the simplest solution.

How to make a bad impression

A cold call from Bharti Consulting Services SARL in Paris quickly escalates into harassment and arrogance.

Blogging in an imperfectly multilingual world

I was at WordCamp Switzerland 2014 last weekend; a WordPress conference aimed at both content creators and developers. One of the many interesting talks on the day was by Stephanie Booth on the subject of blogging in a multilingual world. The premise of many (even most) websites is that there should be a clear separation of content:… (Read More)

Password or no password?

Pros and cons to password generation, authentication via email, and whether there are any options to get rid of passwords altogether.

Ulm Minster

I’d all but forgotten that we’d even visited Ulm, until I came across a set of photos of the interior of the minster.