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Jemima’s Journey Through Switzerland

British Pathé was a leading news service in the earlier part of the twentieth century, when people would visit a picture house (or cinema) to see the latest news reels, instead of seeing them in the comfort of their own homes.

British Pathé completed their YouTube channel this week and amongst around 85,000 films now online for free, there are plenty covering topics related to Switzerland: from early ski-jumping events to longer pieces from the 1960s about journeys through the country.

This film, entitled “Jemima’s Journey Through Switzerland”, jumped out of the list: Diccon Bewes, a fellow Brit resident in canton Bern, wrote a book last year on the journey undertaken by “Miss Jemima” Morrell at the dawn of modern tourism in the nineteenth century and it has been published under the title Slow Train To Switzerland.

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