I have spent a lot of time walking around London over the past week, with the intention of finding new sights and things of interest instead of just repeating the same old sights I’ve seen and visited a million times before.

One of them was unexpected, as I walked from Stockwell back to the West End: Black Prince Road in Lambeth. The red-brick railway underpass, which carries trains along a small part of the track en route from Clapham to Waterloo station, contains a number of porcelain mosaics dedicated to The “Black Prince”: Edward of Woodstock, who was Prince of Wales during the 14th century.

The small memorials are set in porcelain as the former (and original) factory of Royal Doulton stands next to the viaduct: also built of red brick and dating to 1878, and covered at its northern corner with a wealth of brick and porcelain detailing.

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