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Yannick’s lightbox

Wow. Two years. It’s taken me two whole years to get around to writing about the photos I took for Choo Choo in 2010-2011, which they used to accompany their superb self-produced video for the single We Go.

The two photo shoots to produce these photos were a little unusual but I really enjoyed them, as they harkened back to the darkroom experiences of my youth. Yannick (the bass player) was the video producer and he built a square box-frame to hold four fluorescent tube lamps. The frame was partially coated in silver foil to reflect the light in the correct direction, whilst heavy black curtains lined the cellar room in his house to eliminate any remaining ambient light.

The frame then faced the camera and whatever we wanted to film or photograph was stuck through the centre of the frame. The light shining towards the camera caused a mass of problems until the tubes were covered, so that the final result was that the subject (face, hand, dog) was illuminated around its perimeter. The end result worked beautifully well in both the video and the photos. Here are the selected best shots of the band.

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