Pale Blue Eyes

An excerpt from photographer Laura Levine‘s unreleased underground Super-8 film, Just Like A Movie. The description from the YouTube page is as follows.

Shot over a two week period in Athens, Georgia, in 1983, the film was an improvisational project involving a group of friends who shared a love of creativity for the sake of creativity (and fun). Levine felt it was important to document a place and a time that would not exist for very much longer.

Levine, twenty-five at the time and living in New York’s Chinatown, packed a small bag that contained a vintage Nikon movie camera, sixty minutes’ worth of black-and-white Super-8 film, a sixty minute cassette tape and her Sony Walkman, and flew down to Georgia. She planned to spend her time in Athens hanging out with her friends, doing some band photo shoots, and making a movie. Her only certainty about the movie was that it would be no longer than 60 minutes.

With the sad news about Lou Reed’s passing last week, it seemed the right time to share this particular scene, of R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe singing “Pale Blue Eyes” by the railroad tracks. (The song itself was recorded earlier that day on a Walkman, with Matthew Sweet on guitar). Jeremy Ayers makes a magical appearance as Puddlefoot.

For more information on Levine’s work, please visit or join her on Facebook.

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