Nineties flashback

An early autumn rainy Sunday drove me down to the cellar today, for a long-awaited clear-out. Amongst the piles of stuff now split between a much tidier cellar and a car half-filled with rubbish to be taken to the recycling centre, a big box full of old music cassettes came to the fore, which I’ve long meant to go through.

It’s a time-capsule of the early and mid 1990s; cassette singles and albums, TDK cassettes with recorded radio shows, and (badly) hand-written liner cards. Finding the artists and albums on Spotify (if they’re available) or on iTunes, I came across some bands which I listened to often in the early to mid 1990s but had long-since forgotten. It was a nice couple of hours listening to some songs from my youth and reminiscing: making a note of tracks, bands and albums to get electronically before consigning the cassettes to the rubbish pile. Just a small handful of cassettes are being spared, being those which have sentimental value or which are recordings of radio shows and interviews which I can’t get elsewhere.

If you have a Spotify account, I’ve added some of my favourites amongst the tracks to a playlist, “Cassette Box“.

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