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Everybody likes a pretty castle

Or, so it would seem from the number of people who have viewed this photo at Flickr over the last few days. It’s the ridiculously picturesque castle at Aigle in the Rhone Valley, which isn’t just a picture in itself but made even more lovely by the large vineyards surrounding it on all sides.

I took the photo on a brief tour of the French-speaking region of Ormont-Dessous on 1st August. It’s one of the most famous scenes in Switzerland and our visit was therefore well overdue. The castle rose in the thirteenth century and was originally formed of two towers, one belonging to the Knights of Aigle and the other to the Counts of Savoie. The castle as it stands today was built around the original towers and was purchased by the district of Aigle in 1804 for the princely sum of Fr. 5,670.

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