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Mint choc chip at last!

After more than twelve years in Switzerland, there are few foods or drinks which I miss from the UK. Kenco (instant) coffee is a regular buy when we’re in the UK and we also stock up on pain killer tablets when we can, as prices in Switzerland are astronomical in comparison.

The biggest pleasure which we can only rarely indulge remains “mint choc chip” ice cream, as the Swiss don’t really “get” mint chocolate. Although the Gut Gelaunt restaurant in Bern has an After Eight flavour, it’s not really up to UK standards and tastes more like regular ice cream dipped in artificial mint flavouring.

You can therefore imagine how overjoyed I was last night to find out that the wonderful Swiss ice cream from Mövenpick is available in mint chocolate flavour at their Ice Cream Boutique (café, for want of a better name) in Zurich Bellevue. The typically high price of a city centre café applies, but trust me: it’s worth it.

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