Leila Licks, MFO park photo workshop

It’s been a while since my last photo workshop and so it’s definitely time for another! I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year getting used to a simpler workflow and getting used to my Fuji X100 and since doing so, I’ve constantly been reminded how easier and how much more fun it can be to keep things simple when shooting portraits.

On this basis, those attending the next meetup are encouraged to bring an absolute bare minimum of equipment: this won’t be a “strobist day” per se, as we won’t be setting up lights and spending lots of time on technical preparation. Instead, the focus will be on getting good portraits with little fuss – more attention on the subject than the equipment – and taking photos.

I’d recommend that anyone with a small camera such as the X100 or a “micro four thirds” camera bring this along. Those with bigger SLRs, smaller point-and-shoot cameras or even mobile phone cameras are, of course, very welcome… just bring the camera and ONE lens of your choice. The whole point is to limit yourself a little by having the bare minimum of equipment, and learning how to use it to best effect.

If you want to bring a flash gun with you, that’s fine: but the aim is to keep it simple, so please don’t bring any lighting stands, large softboxes or bags full of equipment with you. Feel free to bring a simple remote trigger for your flash with you if you need one. I’ll probably cover the use of flash for portraits with the X100 as a small part of the day.

The upcoming event will be in Zurich: the precise location is to be confirmed but my current preference is for the China Garden (where you have to pay to get in) and neighbouring Blatterwiese park, which are easily accessible by tram or bus and which offer a large area with lots of different settings. An alternative location will be added to my plans in case of inclement weather and details will follow here on the blog when details are confirmed. Although we’ll be near the Tiefenbrunnen pontoon, this is a bathing area in summer and is therefore unlikely to be accessible for photo shoots.

In the meantime, please take part in this Doodle poll so that we can ascertain a suitable date for the meetup. I look forward to seeing you all!

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