Droning on

Droning on

Talking of objects of desire… how about your own private “octocopter” for filming and for aerial photography? (This sequence filmed by facebook.com/FSAviationGmbh.)…

25th January 2013 | Read more »

The Blue Hour

The time between sunset and complete darkness is known in photographic circles as "the blue hour".

23rd January 2013 | Read more »

Mürren panoramas

A small selection of panoramic images from Mürren in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland.

22nd January 2013 | Read more »

Tips auf Deutsch for visitors to London

As a Britischer, I am often asked for suggestions by people who plan on visiting London: where to eat, what they really must see, and where there are good hotels. I had been planning on writing a much longer and more explanatory guide of places which I really like to…

16th January 2013 | Read more »

Away from the world

The alpine passes in early or late season offer a reminder to the untamed nature of the mountains.

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Clearing out, contd.

The big clear out continues although I stay the axe for Twitter... for now.

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