Konstantin was kind enough to share a film of his trip on the freshly opened Emirates Air Line Cable Car (sponsored by Emirates etc and so on) and I must say, it’s a bit of a culture shock. Those of us resident in Switzerland are pretty well-versed in such journeys; I myself have taken enough trips on cable cars to be fairly blasé about them, with only the Schilthorn ride being the only one which still makes me a little nervous on occasion. That said, though, I think that a cable car ride in the mountains isn’t that scary simply because you expect it; the one in London, sailing above the River Thames and the – ahem – picturesque riverside, looks a little nerve-wracking. Despite what appear to be London Underground-style nylon seat coverings, and the officious sound of The London Voice Over Artist Who Advises You That Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine, those massive pylons make me think that the whole thing’ll tip over once the winter chill gets hold of the wires. I’m sure it won’t, though. Really.