Ascent to the Schilthorn

It’s easy to overlook the obvious drama of the local landscape when living in Switzerland; particularly when taking photos of a place you know so well. Video is something which I’m appreciating more and more these days, having bought a video-capable dSLR. My friend and photographic colleague Graham filmed his ascent to the world-famous Piz Gloria station on the Schilthorn when he was in Switzerland recently and the film shows, much better than any photograph, how dramatic the ride is. From the glowing green meadows to the experience of floating through the clouds whilst hanging from a cable, the eight and a half minute film allows you to see so much more than any set of photos would.

2 responses to “Ascent to the Schilthorn”

  1. Graham McKenzie-Smith avatar

    Thanks for noticing :-)

    I’ve seen some terrific video from other people’s DSLRs and would love to do the same. However, aside from the lack of steady hand, it’s a much harder game than photography. It takes so much more concentration at all times, looking for different angles, focus points, perspective, etc.

    Then there’s the post editing which takes up so much time and requiring decent editing software. There’s also the memory to take into consideration (my MacBook Pro lost half it’s spare memory with all the videos I brought back).

    The point is, I don’t think video is something that can be done in conjunction with photography. It’s fine for wobbly holiday shots but it needs far more dedication and expense to take first class movies.

    1. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

      I agree; shooting video, particularly over an extended period for later compilation, is a fairly absorbing task and one which I’ve found can only really be done when you’re on your own and can give it your full attention. That said, you’ve made a really good short film here, surely with some amount of patience and understanding from Elaine :)

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