Entries from May 2012

Video preview image for Look ma, no hands…

Look ma, no hands…

A video shot using my D7000 on a dry toboggan run, hand-held , whilst I was clinging on to the brake with the other hand.

Free lighting and portraiture day in Oerlikon

Thanks to all of those who toook part in a Doodle survey, the dates have now been set for the first of the on-location lighting and portraiture days here in Switzerland.

Include timestamp as readable date using SQL (no PHP)

Code snippet for SQL use, to include a formatted version of a timestamp field in database query results.

The Tradition of Freedom

The beginning of the summer camping season on the Piémançon beaches in the Camargue region of southern France.

Pingoes in the Camargue

Seeing wild flamingoes for the first time, in the south of France.