After a break of almost two years, and a handful of small lighting courses both on location and in the studio, I’ve decided to organize another free* day of photography and learning in the style of the Swiss Strobist days.

The day will allow participants to work in groups together with models, to try out techniques in portraiture and lighting, share ideas, and pick up tips and tricks from more experienced photographers. All you need to bring with you is a camera, a full battery and empty memory card, comfortable shoes and lunch. If you have lighting equipment that you’d like to use, or find out how to use, then please do bring it along. If you don’t have any lighting gear, then you’ll get the chance to see how other attendees use their equipment and try things out for yourself.

If technical details aren’t your thing, then don’t worry: participants will be encouraged to work both with and without artificial lighting throughout the day. It’s about sharing the day with fellow photographers and being creative, not getting bombarded with loads of complicated information.

How to sign up

In order to set a convenient date, I’ve created a Doodle entry: please visit this page and enter the dates on which you would be able to attend. The first meetup will most likely take place in Zurich city. If there’s any interest, I’ll arrange a second meeting around the Rolex Learning Centre at the EPFL in Lausanne during the holiday period.

You can also sign up to an email newsletter using the following form. Your email address will only ever be used by me, to send you information about photographic events which might interest you.

[29.3.2015: this newsletter form is no longer available]

The Doodle form isn’t the sign-up page: please follow this blog, my Facebook page, and the Swiss Strobist group at Flickr for finalized details and news of the events.

* “Free” means that I and any other group leaders won’t be charging a fee. There will be a small charge for each participant, to cover the costs of any models who attend. Further details will follow when the day and location are confirmed.

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