I wonder, sometimes, about the nature of photography and why I spend so much of my time engaged in it. A snapshot, recovered with the use of Photoshop, garners the appreciation of hundreds and hundreds of people, whilst a series which I return to again and again gains less views than I can count on my fingers and thumbs.

I do this for me, not for anyone else. I take photos because I enjoy the process; even if the photo disappears into my archive to be lost for months or longer. The act of creating a visual reminder of the experiences I have, to be able to re-live them in my memory when I return to the photos later, and being able to capture unique moments of unexpected synchronicity: that’s why I do it.

2 responses to “Wonder and reflection”

  1. Graham McKenzie-Smith avatar

    Same here. I have to realise that I’m going to be neither rich nor famous from photography, but I enjoy it and enjoy sharing it. Any return through compliment or actual employment is a boon.

    Beautiful light in that photo btw.

  2. habi avatar

    I’m neither as good with words nor photos as you are, but this does exactly feel like I feel when taking pictures.

    And, since Graham also mentioned something about the photo above: I love how the boy on the right arches his back and looks at the sky. Nicely captured.

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