Ten more of the best

Following on from – and inspired by – the feedback I received from my aunt about what she felt to be ten of my best online portraits, my Mum sent me her list recently in comparison. I find the differences interesting and am only glad that so many of my images seem to be so popular; not just amongst family members, but also increasingly amongst a wider public. The choice also reflects personal tastes and shows that some images mean more to one person than another; particularly when there’s a memory attached.

The following photos are the second set of ten: if you’d like me to feature your top ten of my portraits, please select them from my Portraits set at Flickr, and send me them in an email to mark@permanenttourist.ch. And, of course, let me know if you’d like to volunteer and have your portrait taken!

The Scruffy Professor
Lili from Choo Choo
The Fireman
Week 15 of 52
Choo Choo in the Studio
Bald Is The New Brunette