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In all the times I’ve visited the Cumbrian Lake District in the north of England, I’d only ever been to Coniston Water once before. After all of the dramatic, deep lakes lined with craggy fells and forests, the long, flat, placid body of water didn’t inspire me photographically and so I quickly passed on. However, after a rather photographically unfruitful couple of hours in the Langdale valley during our visit this January, I decided to head for where the beams of sunlight seemed to be headed, which turned out to be Coniston.

I was glad I did. The lake was being whipped into a frenzy by almost hurricane-force winds, and the ray of sunlight, which had evaded me for all but the briefest of moments earlier in the day, struck down forcefully on the water and turned it into a tremendously dramatic place. With trees lashing all around, I wrapped myself up well in winter coat and hood, and got some shots from the head of the lake at the Monk Coniston ferry landing.

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