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Shift + refresh

Time for a re-think on how this website is organized and laid out. Priorities will be a more graphically appealing portfolio, a more easily scannable “blog” section, and a Mobile First approach to design and functionality. Stay tuned. (But don’t hold your breath while you do. It may be a while.)

7 responses to “Shift + refresh”

  1. Konstantin avatar

    And maybe a proper feed please?

    1. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

      Ummm…. there is a feed, has been for over five years…?

  2. Konstantin avatar

    Oh I know, I am using that. But it’s excerpt only. Which seems a bit old fashioned to me?

  3. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

    I’ll certainly give it some thought. The benefit to me is that readers have to come to the website to read articles, thereby gaining traffic to the site. Additionally, many of the blog posts revolve around an image, which is much less well displayed in an RSS reader.

  4. Konstantin avatar

    Image: fair point. Perfectly understandable. Gaining traffic: I am not so sure. There are readers like me who just don’t like excerpts only. And if the excerpt is not catchy I am not clicking on anything. Besides you don’t have ads on your website. What do you want traffic for? People are still reading your posts – just not online. I have switched from excerpts only to full content years ago and I am not looking back.

  5. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

    Again, valid points. Gaining traffic for the website isn’t about monetarisation of the content or visits. It’s about showing my visual work in the best way possible (or, at least, as I choose to display it).

    The written word can be viewed and read just as well in a reader as on the website, but photographs cannot. For the 3 people who subscribe via RSS, I can’t honestly say that it’s a great priority to spend a massive amount of time worrying about it.

  6. Konstantin avatar

    Let me know who the other two subscribers are. I’ll speak with them, we decide what we want and I’ll let you know : )

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