The thronging crowd

As I wrote earlier in the week, I was honoured to be allowed to show 20 of my photos from the One Frame Movie series at the 50th anniversary show of Pix Mix in Bern this week. I hadn’t quite anticipated the number of people who would be attending and during the break, I quickly totted up to find that there were around 160 people in the room. I’m usually fine with presenting my images, and usually don’t get flustered, as I am pretty comfortable at speaking in public. However, the importance of the event, the number of people in the room – including the city mayor and a large number of very talented artists – meant that by the end of the half-time break, I was more than a little nervous.

A beer and a half-glass of water helped me to relax a bit and I fell back on the assurity that I knew how good my photos in this series are. Sure enough, my light, easy-going approach to the presentation and the audience’s focus on the photos meant that it all went off well. After the show, several people heeded my call for volunteers and stepped forward to get details from me. I’ve already begun arranging the next conceptional photo shoot and will have the images from the most recent complete one – shot a couple of weeks ago – online at the weekend.

Other presenters from Wednesday evening’s event were Christian Pauli; Luca Christen; Wolfgang Schärer; Alexander Tschäppät; Diego Häberli; Rose Marie Vocat; Sister’s Funky Tongue; Sonna B. Groeflin; Babette Althaus; Jacqueline Paglialonga; Clausette La Trine; Willi Grimm & Jon Gale; Karin Scheidegger; Lutz Bergemann; Wayne Sutherland; Christian Hosmann; Markus Guirard; Stanislav Kutac.

One Frame Movie

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