Inspiration: Gregory Crewdson

Whilst presenting my One Frame Movie photos at the Open Show in Lausanne this week, I mentioned Gregory Crewdson. I first became aware of his work in 2008 via David Hobby’s blog and have admired his process ever since. He’s technically more of a film director than a photographer, albeit that the result of his work is one single image per shoot. That’s where I gained the inspiration for the name of my series, and I continue to re-visit his work to gain further inspiration for my future photography. I doubt that I’ll ever work on the scale that he does, but I can hope to achieve the surreality of some of his final pieces.

One Frame Movie


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  1. As a protagonist in some of your One Frame Movies I’m happy that your preparation is not as elaborate as Mr. Crewdsons. And I also think that your results are in no way inferior to his, not only in surreality.

  2. That’s kind of you to say so. I do feel that the project has been successful, but would like to continue working on the style of images like these ones. Please do suggest participation to anyone you know who might like to join in!

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