Back in Zermatt

Zermatt is one of the Swiss destinations most well-known outside Switzerland, thanks mainly to its proximity to the Matterhorn, probably the most famous mountain in the country.

31st July 2011 | Read more »

On another scale

I recount my first experiences with the open source panoramic image stitching software Hugin, after a tip-off from my friend Habi.

28th July 2011 | Read more »

Portraiture and Lighting course in Zurich

My all-day coaching session on 11th June 2011 took place in the grounds of the ETH at Hönggerberg in Zurich. I've used this location several times before thanks to the size and variety of potential areas in which to take photos; from modern architectural detail to green lawns and trees.

27th July 2011 | Read more »

Isa in the studio

A portrait shoot in the Satzart studio in Bern.

17th July 2011 | Read more »

Baptistry, Cathedral and Tower

The Square of Miracles at Pisa.

5th July 2011 | Read more »