The Unexpected Twist

I shot the latest in my series of One Frame Movie photographs with Choo Choo last weekend, and this is one of my favourite shots from the day which has made it into the final selection. I shot in the tiny Kellerkino in Bern after gaining permission via a friend, using simple lighting to suggest that there was a film in progress. The main light was from a 60cm white umbrella on a tall stand to my right, whilst the “projector” light is a blue-gelled, optically-triggered flash pointing straight back towards the camera.

The projectionist and I tried out a variety of options to create the backlight effect, but this “faked” light effect was the best option. A regular digital slide projector was far too weak, and we found that the shutter speed of the traditional film projector (running at around 1/25th of a second, if memory serves) made capturing the light from the projector whilst its shutter was fully open too difficult using the faster shutter speed of my camera. All of the light in this shot was therefore created using these two flash guns; there was pretty much no ambient light at all in the room. Lili’s glasses are the regular, polarized 3D glasses which cinema-goers use.

One Frame Movie

5 responses to “The Unexpected Twist”

  1. Mum avatar

    Spectacular effect – well caught

  2. habi avatar

    Great shot!

    Was she watching King Kong?

  3. habi avatar

    Well, just what I thought: The “Was she watching King Kong” was intended to be inside “InsiderJoke”-Tags ;)

    1. Mark Howells-Mead avatar

      Ha! I know, I have to finish editing that one some time! :)

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