Found You!

This is the latest addition to my One Frame Movie series, which I started in 2008 and which now contains nearly 50 individual images. I have no plans to finish shooting for the series and am delighted that so many have volunteered to take part this year. If you’re interested in taking part, check out what kind of person I’m looking for in this blog post and please do get in touch.

I found a great location for this most recent photo session in Emmental: the 19th century covered wooden bridge near Rüegsau was one of the first search results which came up when I started searching for images from the region, and proved to be a perfect spot. Although the setup of lighting and framing for the picture took a little while to get right, as usual, I only shot this setup and one other, more simple version, before moving on to a second location for the day.

Many thanks to Claudia and her son for taking part, and I hope you enjoy the photos which came out of the session!

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