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I’ve been writing about my travels online for many years; the main reason why I’ve maintained the website in this style for such a long time is that I love to share where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. Originally aimed at friends and family, the site has become gradually more interesting to those who like to hear stories about the places I’ve visited. Since starting the original version of this site back in the late 1990s, I’ve also “blogged” on work-related topics for Burson-Marsteller Switzerland; redaction of my articles has made me more aware of being too verbose and how to gain and retain my readers’ attention.

Following an increase in the number of photos I’m now sharing through a Creative Commons attribution licence at Flickr – see my previous article for details – I’ve started to gain the first level of attention from companies and organizations for my photography. Most recently, I was approached by the Swiss section of international hotel company Best Western and asked to write for their new “Best of Switzerland” blog, whilst also using my photos to illustrate the topics or areas I’ll be writing on. Whilst I am writing on behalf of Best Western, and the focus of the articles will be primarily on places where they have hotels, the writing will still reflect my own opinions.

The first article in the new series was published this evening and features some photos from the most southerly Swiss canton, Ticino. You can read my articles and articles by the other authors at and subscribe to the RSS feed via The blog is also available in German and French, although my posts will remain, for the most part, in English.

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