Avalanches on demand

Jo and I generally resort to the British channels when we run out of DVDs and watchable new Teleclub video releases: our televisual diet consists mainly of BBC1 through BBC4, ITV1 through ITV4, Channel 4, Four Film, Channel 5 and even BBC Entertainment (on rare occasions). However, a less than vigilant approach to forecast scheduling meant that we managed to miss the beginning of the series Human Planet, filmed in high definition, which a friend immediately recommended via Twitter.

One particular sequence in the mountains episode caught my eye after a friend in Scotland – who is rabid for the Jungfrau Region and for Grindelwald in particular – remarked upon just how cool it would be to have a job where part of your responsibility is to throw dynamite out of an open-sided helicopter to start avalanches. For all those who may have missed it, here’s the video clip in question. (As an aside: I live near the pyramidal mountain in the distance which you can see in the long shot across the two lakes, after the avalanche comes down. The helicopter company in the film is the one I worked with on the Swiss Helicopter website in 2007 and during the filming for Funky Kitchen Club in 2008.)

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